Are you interested in kink, fetishes, bondage, or BDSM? Have you been reluctant to talk about sex with other anarchists, activists, and radical folks in your social scene, for fear of having your desires judged as “weird” or worse, “problematic”? Do you want to explore your sexuality, learn new skills, and meet play partners, but feel uncomfortable doing so in the larger fetish spaces, groups, or conferences? Are you interested in having theoretical conversations about sex and kink that are grounded in a rejection of, not a celebration of, real-life authority and hierarchy?

We’re a handful of kinky anarchists hoping to create a space for ourselves and like-minded people. All are welcome: queer and straight folks, trans- and cisgender people, subs and doms, and pretty much everyone else — even curious vanilla folks (as long as you’re respectful). We meet up once a month for open discussion, DIY skillshares, and kinky craft nights. There are no dress codes, no formal protocol, no membership dues, and no elected board members. We believe that you don’t have to be a recognized “expert” in order to lead a discussion or skillshare, and that everyone has something to contribute. What we decide to do is driven by the people who show up to our meetings.

Meetings are the last Thursday of every month from 8-10pm at the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley. (3124 Shattuck Avenue, just a few blocks from the Ashby BART station.) The space is wheelchair accessible and there is an accessible, gender-neutral bathroom. Check the home page or the text to the left to see what’s going on at this month’s meeting. We generally announce each month’s topic about a week in advance.

Questions? Get in touch! Send an email to anarkink@gmail.com for more information.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Fabulous Says:

    Awesome. Please keep the blog going with updates of future meetings!

  2. Cast Says:

    I think this project is very important to the larger anarchist mileui, and encourage your future activity. I first heard about Anarkink at the 2008 SF Anarchist Bookfair, where I donated to your project and had a great conversation with a member. I also attended the 2008 BASTARD conference BDSM panel. As a sex-positive anarchist, I think there is a great deal of “revolutionary morality” to be challenged, both in our activist scene, and in our bedrooms. Thanks and congratulations go to all of your members and participants. I hope participate in your meetings in the future.

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